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Heather Ireland

Hello, I am Heather Ireland, I have a deep passion for life, I love it!!! I am extremely dedicated to my work but also extremely passionate to my play and living and learning life. I have a background in gymnastics as an athlete and a coach. I also practiced as a nursing attendant in Canada and Switzerland. Before following my love for being a massage therapist.

I lived 10 years in Banff National Park and lived 2 years in Switzerland. The mountains, outdoors and nature are very dear to me. I have cycled Ireland and rock climbed /mountaineered in the alps I have many hobbies and interest from travel to music and theatre to the dear things that ignite my soul like rodeo and the crazy love of the PBR! Nothing Ignites and feeds my soul as much as my love for my animals and my son that I have been blessed with. Cats and horses are the way to my heart and soul!

What truly defines my life and love is being a mom. I am truly blessed, dreams do come true and I am forever grateful for my beautiful, amazing teenage son and life’s greatest teacher.

I live each day with Gratitude for the life I choose to live and create through health, abundance and endless JOY!

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